Magento - SMS Integration Module

The SMSto SMS Integration is an integration with the Magento e-commerce platform. This Integration enables Magento store admins to configure automated SMS notifications to the administrator and customers for important order status updates, and also allows sending bulk SMS messages to customers. The Integration is free, but a SMSto account is required to send messages. Signup with our service is free as well, and you pay only for the SMS messages. The Integration offers great flexibility, in sending individual SMS or bulk SMS messages to various groups.

No contracts, no commitments, pay only for what you use. In case of high volume SMS API usage, our sales team is prepared to give out additional discounts.

Integration Compatibility

  • Magento Community Edition: 2.4


New Customer Registration

  • This trigger allows you to send SMS when a new customer is registered in the site. This feature can be easily enabled/disabled to determine whether an admin should be notified or not. 

Order Management

SMS Notifications can be sent in all phases of order management. the following are the triggers when the SMS is sent to the customers:

  • When a new order is placed

  • When the order is paid (invoice created)

  • When a new shipment is created

  • When order is canceled

  • When order is refunded (Credit Memo)

  • When order is on hold

  • When order is on unhold

Send SMS

  • Send individual message

  • Send bulk SMS messages to pasted numbers

  • Send bulk SMS messages to list

Customer Individual and Bulk SMS

  • Send individual message to customer from the customer list

  • Send Bulk Messages to customer from the customer list

SMS Log History

  • Capability to see the log of the SMS's sent from various modules. SMS log history allows you to check the status of the sms, sent date, sender id and content.


  • Check the account balance any time within Magento


The project is hosted at intergo/magento-m2-sms-integration: Magento Module with SMS Integration ( and can be installed via composer: smsto/module-sms - Packagist

  • Go to Magento2 root folder

  • Enter following command to install module:

1 composer require smsto/module-sms
  • Enter following commands to enable module:

1 2 3 php bin/magento module:enable Smsto_Sms --clear-static-content php bin/magento setup:upgrade php bin/magento setup:di:compile


For details about sender id please check What is a Sender ID? :

General Settings

To setup the general settings of the module, from administration area navigate to Stores → Configuration → SMSTO → General Settings

SMS Triggers

To setup the triggers navigate to Stores → Configuration → SMSTO → SMS Triggers

New Order

New Shipment

Shipment Updates

Order Hold

Order Unhold

Order Cancel

Refund Order

Order Paid

Bulk SMS

To use bulk SMS functionality navigate to SMSTO


Contacts, Lists & Un-/Subscription

You can create your lists with the phone numbers you wish to bulk send. For a complete guid of SMSto contacts usage please read Contacts, Lists & Un-/Subscription :

The basic functionality is also available this package.

To view, create, edit or delete any list you can do it to Lists tab as shown in below image.

The same applies for contacts.

There are filters per list, whether it is subscribed, and search for specific phones. Each contact can be a part of one or more lists. For example below image:

Each contact you can optin/optout, delete, or edit with the buttons on the right. When create/edit a contact you can define the follow that can be used when sending a list as merge fields.

Sending SMS messages

Sending message can be done from Send tab. For a single message:

For pasted numbers like below

And to one or more lists as below:


From tab Reports is available the status of the messages sent. The filters available is by recipient number, date and status.

Send individual message to customer from the customer list

Navigate to CUSTOMERS → All Customers


In customers list view there is a button called SMS next to each customer. Click to open modal window for preparing and sending the message.

Send Bulk Messages to customer from the customer list

Navigate to CUSTOMERS → All Customers

Select the checkboxes of the customers to send message and click Actions drop down link Send SMS

Confirm pop-up form to navigate to send form where the message can be sent.


Open Software License 3.0

OSL 3.0 is a copyleft license that does not require reciprocal licensing on linked works. It also provides an express grant of patent rights from contributors to users, with a termination clause triggered if a user files a patent infringement lawsuit.


  • Commercial use

  • Distribution

  • Modification

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  • Private use


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  • License and copyright notice

  • Disclose source

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  • Same license